TRADEMARKTHEATER challenges the boundaries of traditional theater-making, and expands the breadth of original theatrical works produced in Minnesota. 


Trademark will be a national leader in developing and producing dynamic, imaginative theatrical works of the highest possible quality.

  • Trademark values the transformative power of theater, and recognizes the importance of continuing the evolution of the art form.

  • Trademark values the freedom to produce a wide-range of bold, adventurous productions and presentations. 

  • Trademark values the belief that theater as an art form cannot progress without risk. 

Trademark will be a front runner in providing opportunity for growth and learning focused on the exploration of the artistic process. 

  • Trademark values professionalism and a positive, disciplined environment that promotes free expression, honest conversation and respect.

  • Trademark values the development of alternative performance styles, unique forms of playwriting, and unconventional methods of collaboration.

  • Trademark values bringing the audience into the creative process. 

Trademark will champion the talents of local theater artists and will advocate for the support and appreciation of all new plays produced in Minnesota.

  • Trademark values inclusiveness and honors the culturally diverse perspectives of our community and beyond. 

  • Trademark values the ability of artists to play many roles and to make a variety of contributions to the community through their unique multifaceted talents. 

  • Trademark values the significance of nurturing, inspiring and encouraging the next generation of theater-makers and audiences.