College Life Poster Close.jpg

COLLEGE LIFE | Workshop Performance

May 6 & 7 - Closed
Owens Science Hall on St. Thomas Campus

Conceived and Directed By Tyler Mills
Created and Performed by Zack Aday-Nicholson, Bontu Gemeda, Amy Lippman and Christine Nsajja.
College Life, a new work developed through interviews with college undergraduates, will give voice to the daily concerns of students and challenge the perspective that they are too young or inexperienced to engage with large ideas. Staged with college-aged performers, College Life will explore the power of young people getting to speak for themselves.

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THE HOLLOW | World Premiere

October 2 - 20
The Tek Box

Created and Performed by Jenna Wyse, Joey Ford, Emily Michaels King, and Tyler Michaels King

The Hollow is a Concept Album/Contemporary Performance hybrid and marks Trademark’s third World Premiere. This multidisciplinary production explores the dualities of human nature and the mysticism of the outdoors by combining live music, movement and stunning visuals. The Hollow is about confronting our demons, whether in our relationships, or in our own bodies and minds.

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IMMORTAL | Workshop Performance

December 9, one night only
Cabaret @ Camp Bar

Created and Performed by Tyler Michaels King
Directed by Joe Krienke
Music by Keith Hovis

In his first ever solo performance, Tyler Michaels King brings to life a brand-new character with his unique transformative and musical style. Part cabaret act, part storytelling journey, Immortal explores aging, the end of life, and mortality through the eyes of a fading entertainer standing before their final curtain.