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Meet Jenna Wyse and Joey Ford. These sought-after local musicians are the masterminds
behind the music of this Thursday’s THE HOLLOW Concert. We had a Q&A with them to hear all about this exciting performance. 

Hear a preview of the music and read their interview below.

How did you get into music?

We’ve always been musicians, but we are also actors, creators, gardeners, beekeepers and builders. Music seems to be just one medium with which we express our artistry, but it continues to be our favorite outlet.

What is your process like?

In the past, when we worked with bands, one member would bring in a whole form of a song idea and we would all contribute parts. We wanted Hollow to be much more collaborative and organic between the two of us. 

For the lyrics, we did a lot of free-writing to find themes that stood-out and drew from the Sleepy Hollow text as well. Musically, we improvised and tried out different melodies over predetermined chord progressions. We explored different ways to create form by mixing themes and rearranging sections of songs to see if they fit better with other ideas.

How has the Sleepy Hollow short story inspired this creation?

Most of the Sleepy Hollow short story is describing the Hollow itself- the lush, beautiful  land, the witching influence that has settled there like a fog and its effect on the inhabitants. We wanted the music to give the audience a sense of space and environment first and foremost.

What is unique about this concert version of The Hollow?

What’s unique about this version of The Hollow is that it’s an exploration of only one aspect of the theatre production we’ve been working on for over a year. It allows, and almost forces, our audience to experience a show completely aurally. You know how the rest of your senses become heightened when you sit in a dark room for a while? Close your eyes and see what kind of story emerges while listening only to the music.

What excites you the most about next Thursday night’s performance?

We’ve put together a new band for this one-night-only performance. The Coven is now a three-person choir that we’ve composed choral arrangements for and we’ve added a marimba, which brings an earthy and complex percussive quality to the performance. We’re finding that it’s already informing the direction Coy & Daring will take after this project.


by Jenna Wyse, Joey Ford, Tyler Michaels & Emily Michaels King

with Special Guests VAL SON
Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8:00pm
Hook and Ladder | Minneapolis


Photography & Artwork by Emily Michaels King.